Ivory Coast Medical Relief Team

Thanks to your support,
we were able to expand our impact in the Ivory Coast!

ICMRT provided free medical examination to the population of Braffèdon, a village of 2,300 people in Ivory Coast on July 25-28 as part on another malaria prevention campaign. The campaign included the training of community health workers in the use of Rapid Diagnostic Test kits for the detection of malaria parasites, raising the awareness of villagers on malaria transmission, and free care for all ailments.

ICMRT, and partners CEMV and Djigui,  distributes long lasting mosquito nets in  Ivory Coast villages in malaria prevention effort.

  • Provide Medical Assistance to Displaced & Refugee Populations of the Ivory Coast

Fighing Malaria in Ivory Cost with ICMRT
Fighting Malaria
  • Partner with Organizations to Provide Medical Supplies

  • Distribute Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Bed Nets

  • Educate Communities in Malaria Prevention

  • Distribute rapid malaria diagnostic kits

  • Prevent Malaria based deaths in children under 5 and Pregnant Women



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